Dear Rumi

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Rumi, Chapter 10

And my actions have brought temptation into this house? Are you worried that sex is infectious?

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The Average Pakistani Woman

When you think of women from Pakistan, it’s easy to think in extremes. We have two images: the woman covered from head to toe and subject to the men in her life, or the upper-class elite woman who dresses, speaks, thinks and lives exactly as she pleases.

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‘Butterfly Season’ – Chapter 4 (Excerpt)

This is an excerpt from chapter 4 of ‘Butterfly Season’. “So, are you going to tell me where we’re going?” “It’s a surprise.” “Am I going to like this surprise?” His brows went up, and he said mildly, “I hope so, or this will be a very short evening.” They had entered a wooded area, […]

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